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This page chronicles events that take place in the year 1972.

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Planet of the Apes Timeline

Continuity Event Source
January 14: The ANSA spacecraft Liberty 1 is launched from Cape Kennedy, commanded by Colonel Taylor. Planet of the Apes[1]

Production Timeline

  • January 18th: The final shooting script for Conquest of the Planet of the Apes is submitted. Writer Paul Dehn "fitted it together so that it fitted in with the beginning of 'Apes 1', so that the wheel had come full circle and one could stop there quite happily." Dehn says in interview that he would probably not be involved in a rumored Apes TV series.
  • February: Rumors on-set suggest there would be one more feature film, after which the property would be sold as a weekly series to television. Speculation was that the fifth movie would 'sew up' the saga by closing with Charlton Heston's arrival on the ape-dominated Earth.
  • KMPC radio personality Gary Owens hosts the 'Most Beautiful Ape Contest' in Century City, the complex used for much of the location filming. Dominique Green is the winner of the title and gains a contract for a supporting role in the next Apes movie.
  • September 1 - 4: After initially offering promotional work similar to the 'Miss Ape' contest, 20th Century Fox agrees to loan actress Paula Crist ape makeup appliances which, with a costume she made herself, she uses to put on an exhibit at the 'World Science Fiction Convention' (WorldCon) in Anaheim, California. Impressed, producer Arthur P. Jacobs offers her a part in the next sequel.
  • Near the end of December: Reporter Sam Maronie contacts APJAC Productions about the new movie due to start shooting "in the next few days" and is offered a part in the film.



  1. As the 'Ship Time' reads 7-14-1972, Taylor intones "In less than an hour we'll finish our sixth month out of Cape Kennedy".