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This page chronicles events that take place in the year 1968.

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Planet of the Apes Timeline

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Production Timeline

  • April: Serling's first script treatment is rejected by Abrahams. Serling completes two further treatments over the next month, but both are rejected because they lack a twist comparable to that of the first movie. Pierre Boulle is asked to write a write a screenplay.
  • July 22: The English-language translation of Pierre Boulle's screenplay for a second movie, titled Planet of the Men, is submitted. It is dismissed as not "cinematic".
  • A treatment by an unknown author, titled The Dark Side of the Earth, is also rejected. Working in England producing The Chairman, Mort Abrahams meets screenwriter Paul Dehn and asks him to write a treatment based on some of Abrahams' ideas. They are joined in London by Arthur Jacobs.
  • September 13: Paul Dehn submits his story treatment, titled Planet of the Apes Revisited. Don Medford is chosen as director but soon quits, possibly because of the $3 million budget allotted to the film. He is replaced by Ted Post. Charlton Heston initially refuses to reprise his role, unhappy with the story, but is reminded by Richard D. Zanuck that he owes him for agreeing to make the first picture.
  • September 30: Fox agrees to Charlton Heston's proposal to appear briefly at the film's start before making way for a new leading man.
  • December 20: Dehn's first draft screenplay for Planet of the Apes Revisited is completed, with Taylor dying and replaced by a new astronaut character, Brent. This is soon amended so that Taylor disappears early on, then returns at the film's end to provide an optimistic conclusion.