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This page chronicles events that take place in the year 1964.

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Planet of the Apes Timeline

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Production Timeline

  • Blake Edwards asks Rod Serling to resume work on a script treatment, disregarding budgetary constraints.
  • February: Warner Bros. agrees to begin production on the movie in late January of 1965.
  • April: Serling is reporting jointly to Blake Edwards and Arthur P. Jacobs. Script revisions are submitted regularly until March 1965, featuring astronauts John Thomas, William Dodge and Paul LaFever in place of the French originals.
  • May 22: Serling submits a script which includes the discovery of a reel of film bearing the legend: "Filmed with the Co-operation of the United States Air Force" - setting the movie on a future Earth, rather than the alien world originally envisioned. By December, Serling replaces the reel of film idea with the iconic Statue of Liberty ending, and also adds a fourth male astronaut named Blake, who dies en route.