Éditions Julliard is a French publishing house founded in 1942 by René Julliard, known as a publisher of Françoise Sagan and Jean d'Ormesson. After Julliard's death in July 1962, managing director Christian Bourgois took over the publishing house.

In 1963, Éditions Julliard published the novel La Planète des Singes by Pierre Boulle. (The exact date of publication is unclear - first editions bear a publication date of "the first trimester of 1963" at the back of the book, with the manuscript prepared for printing on the 8 January. The Planet of the Apes 35th anniversary DVD gave a French publication date of 17 May 1963.) The first edition was translated into English (by Xan Fielding) as Planet of the Apes (USA 1963) and Monkey Planet (UK 1964), and later into other languages. One of the most important books in the history of science fiction, it became the basis for the Planet of the Apes motion pictures, television series and comic books that have followed for over fifty years.

Éditions Julliard was soon purchased by the publishing house Presses de la Cité, and Christian Bourgois created his own publishing house in 1966. The title was revived by Bourgois and Presses de la Cité in 1988, publishing new talents but also renewing connections with Françoise Sagan. Bourgois left the publishing house at the beginning of 1992 and died in December 2007, but the imprint continues under Presses de la Cité.

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